What does Sustainability mean to you?

Enabling Company Boards

We are a collaboration of professionals enabling company boards and owners to transform their risk exposure into a strategic advantage.

Strategic Value through Sustainability

Our flagship Workshop delivers...
"As workshop hosts, Katarina and Mischa complement each other with their relevant backgrounds in business finance and engineering. Their passion for sustainability clearly fills the workshop with energy and is an inspiration!"
Success: 100% of participants initiated transformative processes

Learn sustainability planning from an owner’s, management and board perspective as used successfully in small and large companies including IKEA, Nike & Electrolux, Max Burger, Becker, Scandic Hotels, etc. Learn how you can integrate sustainability into your business strategy & process and transform your supply chain. Over two high­ impact workshops you will gain knowledge and tools to give sustainability the strategic nudge it needs inside your business. Gain insights into a proven strategic planning tool and calculate the benefits of informed risk management. Apply the methodology to your own business and work with practical business cases.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) work hand in hand with the sustainability principles that are the basis of our success. By following the sustainability principles, organisations can be sure that they are progressing towards the UN SDGs.


  • EU & local codes of conduct are becoming more stringent. In Sweden some tough measures are set in law starting 2016.

  • The 4 Sustainability Principles form the scientific foundation for our work. They have been developed over the past 20+ years by cutting edge research institutions and organisations.

  • The simple and effective ABCD strategic business planning tool ensures that sustainability informs all decisions while targeting a desired ROI.

  • Keep an overview and foster more sustainable solutions one step at a time.

Our Team

Sustainability@BoardLevel is a collaboration professionals with complementary skill profiles and a diversity of professional experience.

Katarina Wikström

Katarina Wikström ​(BA, MSc, mentee Styrelsekraft Malmö 2014) comes with extensive experience from the financial world and today focuses on strategic sustainability for SME’s and within asset management. Following her work in NYC and London, she held a key position for IKEA’s systematic supply chain transformation.

Mischa Altmann

Mischa Oliver Altmann ​(MEng, MSc) practiced electrical engineering at renowned technical consultancy Arup, built zero carbon houses by hand, and today focuses on stakeholder engagement, hosting and harvesting meaningful conversations and facilitating transformative learning experiences.

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